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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 19:52

Homer, Iliad 7. 758 ff :
When he [Aias] had girt his body in all its armour, he strode on his way, as Ares the war god walks gigantic going into the fighting men.

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Homeric Hymn 8 to Ares (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic .) :
Ares, exceeding in strength, chariot-rider, golden-helmed, doughty in heart, shield-bearer, Saviour of cities, harnessed in bronze, strong of arm, unwearying, mighty with the spear, O defender of Olympos.

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Herodotus, Histories 9. 59. 6 :
The only gods whom they [the Skythians] propitiate are these:... It is their practice to make images and altars and shrines for Ares, but for no other god.

The Nine Muses of the Greek Mythology

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Hektor the son of Priamos, a man like murderous ( brotoloigos ) Ares. - Homer, Iliad
Leonteus [of the Lapithai] a man like murderous ( brotoloigos ) Ares. - Homer, Iliad
Aineias and Idomeneus, both men like Ares, were straining with the pitiless bronze to tear at each other. - Homer, Iliad
The swift-footed son of Peleus [Akhilleus], a man like murderous ( brotoloigos ) Ares. - Homer, Iliad
Euryalos [of the Phaiakians] looking like Ares destroyer of men ( brotoloigos ). - Homer, Odyssey

In Ovid's version, Perseus does *not* use the head of Medusa to kill the sea monster. After flying up and stabbing it in the shoulder, he then swoops down to a rock and stabs it repeatedly: "His left hand on a ridge, and with his sword stabbed time and time again the monster's groin" ( -- 88). Immediately after, Andromeda is released and they marry. This conflicts with the analysis, also, that he's not brave or heroic enough to face the creature using his own arms rather than just the Gorgon's head.

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Homer, Iliad 75. 88 ff :
Ares in the likeness of a dark stormcloud bellowed, now from the peak of the citadel urging the Trojans sharply on, now running beside the sweet banks of Simoeis. So the blessed gods stirring on the opponents drove them together.

Callimachus, Aetia Fragment 7 (from Chronicon Paschale 8) (trans. Trypanis) (Greek poet C8rd .) :
The equestrian contest with two-horse cars was invented by Enyalios [Ares], as Kallimakhos has written in the Aitia.

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