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Navajo People Research Paper Example

Date of publication: 2017-08-27 15:16

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Protecting the Navajo People through tribal regulation of

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The Navajo Culture Research Paper Free Essays

Reservation grazing practices have led to soil erosion followed by impoverishment and severe range degradation, a condition apparent even to the most casual observer today.

Research paper – Navajo | Navajo and Native americans

The Navajos have never stopped speaking their native Athabaskan language, unlike many other native peoples who are trying to revive their languages.  The Navajo language is spoken only on the Navajo reservation in the southwestern United States, and until recently was an unwritten language. It is an extremely complex language with no alphabet or symbols. It is very reflective of the Navajo way of life and their world.  To be able to speak Navajo, one must have extensive exposure and training.

Navajo is a tonal language, meaning the vowels rise and fall when pronounced, changing meaning with pitch.  There are four separate tones of voice used: low, high, rising, and falling.  Two separate words with different meanings may therefore have the same pronunciation but with different tones.  Some Navajo words are also nasalized, meaning that the sound comes through the nose instead of the mouth.  The following is a simplified guide to the pronunciation of vowels.

The Navajo Reservation

Situated in the northeastern portion of Arizona and in the northwestern part of New Mexico is the Navajo reservation.

The Navajo Indian culture is one of great pride filled with sacred traditions, beliefs and ceremonies that have been handed down from generation to generation. Their cultural background and beliefs have been infused throughout their people and they take pride in making sure that their story and experiences are known throughout all of their cultural members, and old. The background of the Navajo people, including their primary mode of subsistence, their beliefs and values (including the use of medicines and ceremonies for rituals), gender relations as well as economic and social organizations will all be discussed throughout this paper.

The Navajo creation story
The Navajo creation story involves three underworlds where important events happened to shape the Fourth World where we now live. The Navajo were given the name Ni’hookaa Diyan Diné by their creators. It means 8775 Holy Earth People 8776 . Navajos today simply call themselves 8775 Diné 8776 , meaning 8775 The People 8776 . The Tewa Indians were the first to call them Navahu, which means 8775 the large area of cultivated land 8776 .

The valleys and lower levels are destitute of trees, save for the cottonwoods that fringe the banks of the arroyos and running streams, though the mesas.

The Navajo are people very geared toward family life and events that surround their lifestyle. Many games and traditions have emerged from their love of the land and their attachment to it. Long winter nights and the seclusion of the reservation has brought about most of the customs and activities used by the People to entertain and amuse themselves.

The Navajo language embodies a high prevalence of humor in day to day conversation. Humor transforms difficult and frustrating circumstances into bearable and even pleasant situations. The strong emphasis and value Navajos place on humor is evidenced in the First Laugh rite. The first time a Navajo child laughs out loud is a time for honor and celebration.

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Ethno-archaeologist Klara B. Kelley, in her book, Navajo Land Use, makes a compelling case that the Navajo economic base was transformed from self-sufficient to market-oriented production after the arrival of the railroad, and later, to a wage work and welfare economy in the industrial era. The resulting changes in population and settlement patterns have led to land-use at odds with its livestock carrying capacity.

Changing Woman
           Changing Woman lived alone. One day she received inspiration to go up on a hill and build a wickiup with four poles, where the first rays of the sun would strike in the morning. Is dzán naadleeshe 8767 went inside and lay there and as the sun came up, the sun shone between her legs. One of his rays went into her. This caused her first menstrual period. After that she became pregnant. She conceived a son and called him Nayé nazgháné (Slayer of Monsters). Four days later she was impregnated by Water- Old Man and gave birth to Túbaadeschine (Born of the Water-Old Man). These were the first Apache people.

For the Navajos, each song is a prayer to the Holy People -or supernatural beings- who take care of them. Navajo songs are sung in ceremonies to cure the sick or to protect their families, homes, crops or herds. Every Navajo ceremony includes a 8775 Blessingway Song 8776 . It provides a blessing for a long and happy life. It is also used to bless a new hogan or a new marriage.

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