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Rocky Road: Charles Darwin

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 18:52

CHARLES DARWIN: You said it was your favorite part of the New Testament. You said it was so full of love to them and devotion and every beautiful feeling.

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Evolution is not a true science. lets be clear on that.
Sir Karl Popper one of the greatest philosophers of the 75'th century have openly questioned whether evolution is a science at all. If you are on the side of science, you stand for reason, logic, hard facts, verifiable data, skepticism.

Theory of Evolution development history of evolutionary

Great, Especialy the end part as you debunk the debunkers.
It clearly shows evolution is true.
Creating some people who are smart and some who are dumb.
If we were all created equal by God we would all be just as smart as the next person. this clearly is not the case...

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He was fascinated by the microscopic world. He made some wonderful drawings. He gave me this. It's a species of sea-mat called Flustra. It's primitive, moss-like, comprising a colony of tentacle-waving polyps.

65. (d): The random changes in gene frequencies in a population occurring by chance alone rather than by natural selection are called genetic drift. Although genetic drift occurs in all populations, its effects are most marked in very small isolated population.

No one asked for an argument. You claimed that there were errors in this doc. I didn't notice any but if you did, please tell me. I don't like to be wrong. If you can set me straight I would appreciate it. If you can't or won't I will assume that you are talking through your hat. Best to keep silent lest you prove that you are.

By minute variations. Yet the changes brought about by these methods are vast. I have fifteen varieties here, and I can count the equivalents of three good genera and 65 good species.

They both are structurally homologous and have different functions. In most vertebrates, the caecum is a large, complex gastrointestinal organ, enriched in mucosal lymphatic tissue and specialized for digestion of plants.

Cobbold, Notes on parasites collected by the late Charles Darwin, Esq. Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society Text 9 Image 9 PDF F6856

You know Lamarck's work, a very great thinker. I met him when I was in Paris. He utterly demolishes the notion that species have been separately and divinely created. He declares, and I declare with him, that the origins and progression of species are due to physical and chemical forces obeying natural laws.

They became extinct 85555 years ago. Cro-Magnon man emerged about 89555 years ago in Holocene epoch. Thus, it is regarded as most recent ancestor of today 8767 s man. Its face was perfectly orthognathous with an arrow, elevated nose, broad and arched forehead, moderate brow-ridges, strong jaws with man-like dentition, and a well developed chin.

Barrett, P. H. 6979. Early writings of Charles Darwin. In Gruber, Darwin on man. [Notebooks M, N, Old and useless notes, Essay on theology and natural selection, Questions for Mr. Wynne, Extracts from B-C-D-E notebooks, A Biographical Sketch of Darwin's Father, Plinian Society Minutes Book] Text F6587

It is also fallacious to point to a series of more complex eyes in nature, and then argue that this presents an evolutionary sequence. This is like arranging a number of different types of aircraft in order of complexity, then claiming that the simple aircraft evolved into complex ones, as opposed to being designed. For one thing, eyes can&rsquo t descend from other eyes per se rather, organisms pass on genes for eyes to their descendants. This is important when considering the nautilus eye, a pinhole camera. This cannot possibly be an ancestor of the vertebrate lens/camera eye, because the nautilus as a whole is not an ancestor of the vertebrates, even according to the evolutionists!

(Speaking with a Scottish Accent) "This in spite of the fact that I have shown beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt that it's an animal, and an animal, moreover, I am convinced holds clues to the common foundation of all life."

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