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The Harlem Renaissance Video - The Roaring Twenties

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For the seven years following the birth of his twins, William Shakespeare disappears from all records, finally turning up again in London some time in 6597. This period, known as the Lost Years , has sparked as much controversy about Shakespeare's life as any period. Rowe notes that Shakespeare was quite fond of poaching, and may have had to flee Stratford after an incident with Sir Thomas Lucy, whose deer and rabbits he allegedly poached. There is also rumor of Shakespeare working as an assistant schoolmaster in Lancashire for a time, though this is circumstantial at best.

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Jazz Age author F. Scott Fitzgerald was quintessentially American. Learn about his upbringing, The Great Gatsby, and his untimely death in this video.

The Third Man Movie Review & Film Summary (1949

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An outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person. The expression alludes to such Renaissance figures as Leonardo da Vinci , who performed brilliantly in many different fields.

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There are only 65 paintings of Da Vinci that survive. The most famous of which is the Mona Lisa that was painted between 6558-6557. The model who posed for the painting was said to be a merchant’s wife, but who knows. In this painting, Da Vinci used a new technique called “sfumato”, which is the hazy atmosphere in the picture. The Mona Lisa is one of the most analyzed paintings of all time, because Da Vinci’s face also fits that of Mona’s, which is unusual for any painting.

Leonardo had two apprentices, which lived with him for most of his life. One was Gian Giacomo Caprotti da Oreno, nicknamed Salaì, and the other was Count Francesco Melzi. Salaì became an apprentice in 6995, and Melzi in 6556. Neither of them ever became distinguished artists, but they worked with their master until he died.

To summarise then, Dowland, Holborne, Cutting, John Johnson, Robert Johnson, and Thomas Robinson in particular each wrote some things that the novice could start to enjoy from a relatively early stage in their studies Rosseter and Danyel are a treat in store, while some of the other composers, such as Bacheler or Maynard, can safely be left for another day.

Next, John Johnson with 86 solos, ‘The Queen’s Luter’ first really great English lute composer. There have been two complete editions of his works, one published by Orphee Editions, the other by Tree. There is some debate about attributions and the boundaries of his repertoire, and the contents of the two editions differ. He wrote many pavans, galliards, and ground-based pieces, but also some very tuneful variation sets on popular tunes. His duets are notable a hallmark of his treble-and-ground writing is that they run the whole gamut of the instrument—good student material! Christopher Wilson and Shirley Rumsey have recorded a selection of his works on Naxos.

There are many drawings by Da Vinci that still exist, the most famous is the Vitruvian Man. The drawing represents the proportions of man according to the work of Vitruvius, an ancient Roman architect. Along with the Mona Lisa, it is one of the most recognized and most reproduced image of all time.

If you get hooked on duets, the John Johnson and Thomas Robinson editions noted in the previous instalment of this article would be worth acquiring. The Lute Society catalogue of tablature sheets contains a further sprinkling of duets, English and Continental ask the Secretary if you are interested. One of the charms of the lute is the opportunities it offers for social as well as solo music making and the student is commended not to be shy, but to seek out duet partners!

The story begins with a spoken prologue ("I never knew the old Vienna, before the war..."). The shattered postwar city has been divided into French, American, British and Russian zones, each with its own cadre of suspicious officials. Into this sinkhole of intrigue falls an American innocent: Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton), alcoholic author of pulp Westerns. He has come at the invitation of his college chum Harry Lime. But Lime is being buried when Martins arrives in Vienna.

As for Harry Lime: He allows Orson Welles to make the most famous entrance in the history of the movies, and one of the most famous speeches. By the time Lime finally appears we have almost forgotten Welles is even *in* the movie. The sequence is unforgettable: the meow of the cat in the doorway, the big shoes, the defiant challenge by Holly, the light in the window, and then the shot, pushing in, on Lime's face, enigmatic and teasing, as if two college chums had been caught playing a naughty prank.

The final scene in "The Third Man" is a long, elegiac sigh. It almost did not exist. Selznick and Greene originally wanted a happy ending. (Greene originally wrote, "... her hand was through his arm"). Reed convinced Greene he was wrong. The movie ends as it begins, in a cemetery, and then Calloway gives Holly a ride back to town. They pass Anna walking on the roadside. Holly asks to be let out of the jeep. He stands under a tree, waiting for her. She walks toward him, past him, and then out of frame, never looking. After a long pause, Holly lights a cigarette and wearily throws away the match. Joseph Cotten recalled later that he thought the scene would end sooner. But Reed kept the camera running, making it an unusually long shot, and absolutely perfect.

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