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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 14:04

This type of photography involves capturing mesmerizing images of the rising and setting sun. These pictures are generally clicked from the peak of a hill or top of a high rise building that provides a clear view of the sky and enables the photographers to capture the beauty of the phenomena.

Types of Photography

Shape  Collage and Word Collage are eye catching trendy collages that can be prepared with arranging images in such a manner so the final collage will look like the shape/word. In Shape Collage you specify a shape to fill in with your photos- such as- a heart, any animal, bird, house, car, plane, etc. In Word Collage, you specify 6-9 words, a short sentence or wish may be, such as – “HAPPY B’DAY”, “I AM SORRY” , “THANK YOU”, “CONGRATS !”, “MISSING YOU” etc. These can be great alternatives of e-cards or expensive gifts for you should give us 6-65 not so huge images which will be repeated    throughout the Shape or Word. Resized snaps from Social Media sites like Facebook are good for this.

50 Different Types of Photography Styles with examples for

HDR photography is one of the most creative types of photography and requires extreme skill on part of the photographers. It is created by blending three different types of pictures into a single picture that highlights the amazing contrast of the individual images to create a truly appealing look.

Types of Tripods

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With so many features available in most software, usage assumes great significance. Good software offer a simple user interface, easy-to-understand directions, and "Wizards" for simplifying tasks such as correcting problems and aiding in quick learning and navigation.

This genre of photography adds magical effects to the pictures, which is why it is often associated with fine art photography. It is carried out using a long duration shutter speed that helps to capture the stationary elements of an image in a sharp manner while adjusting the moving ones.

Candid photography comprises of pictures clicked in completely natural states of the subjects without any prior preparedness. This type of photography is increasingly becoming popular not only during social events and special occasions, but for general images as well as it helps in capturing the uniqueness and magic of the moment.

Conceptual photography is all about presenting a concept or an idea present in the mind of the photographer to other people only through the medium of photographs. This type of photography is generally used in advertising, where a picture helps in reiterating an idea, a tagline or a catchphrase for a product or service.

Coated paper with very smooth, shiny and results in a reflective surface. The end result of the photo often looks vibrant in color, crisp and sharp. Produces brighter color and offer more saturation. It does not produce a textured look when scanned and or converted into digital format. However the photo surface is likely to stick to the glass when framed. It is also highly susceptible to fingerprints and smudges if hand-held without a glove. Yet, though it is possible to remove with photo cloth or liquid solution, it still can leave some scratches. Glossy finish is a good choice for printing everyday snapshots and photo with vibrant colors.

Nice article! I have a certain respect for the photojournalist. My favorite Photography related quote is “ Your first 65,555 photographs are your worst. – Henri Cartier-Bresson

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