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In the decades to come, success will go to the institutions that know who they are and how to engage effectively with the forces that are shaping our world. Bates intends to be among the vanguard.

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gender role n.
The pattern of masculine or feminine behavior of an individual that is defined by a particular culture and that is largely determined by a child's upbringing.

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Option 6: After reading the article Domestic Disputes from Time Magazine, students break into groups of 8-9. This article covers two court cases involving transsexuals who married partners who were technically same sex (if the transsexuals' original sex is used as the criterion). Students are instructed to imagine that they are the judges deciding the two cases in question. They must summarize their judgment and their reasons for deciding as they did. These decisions are incorporated into a broader discussion on what it is that makes people male or female.

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a set of behaviors that indicates one's gender, specif. the image projected by a person that identifies their femaleness or maleness an overt public presentation of gender identity

So our children should make a difference on gender roles perspective but we are in a vicious circle because every family is raising their kids for a passed time, influenced by their own mentality and resistance to change. The main idea is that both women and men should consider this role’s exchange like a challenge and also accept that a man as well as a woman can do anything with willing. Psychologist, Nicoleta Cramaruc

Option 6: After being introduced to research findings suggesting that gender differences in math skills do not emerge until junior high, students break into groups of 8-9 and create a list of potential hypotheses to explain this finding. They must rank their hypotheses according to how plausible they are and how much variance they are likely to account for.

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Using the balance sheet to roll up and fund an undercapitalized business
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Note also the emphasis on tangible and quantifiable results, which can be easily communicated and tested. All stakeholders, including investors, employees, debtors, and vendors, should understand why a deal will make their company stronger. Does the investment thesis make sense only to those who know the company best? If so, that's probably a bad sign. Is senior management arguing that a deal's inherent genius is too complex to be understood by all stakeholders, or simply asserting that the deal is "strategic"? These, too, are probably bad signs.

Sam Rovit (HBS MBA '89) is a director in the Chicago office and leader of Bain & Company's Global Mergers and Acquisitions Practice.                                             

Option 6: After an overview of Freud's general theories and his specific theories regarding sex/gender differences, students break into groups of 8-9 and compile any examples they can think of suggesting that Freud's theories still influence how women and men are perceived today.

65. Joe Trustey, telephone interview by David Harding, Bain & Company. Boston: 68 May 7558. Subsequent comments by Trustey are also from this interview.

The effect of the superhero shows also appears fairly small, Ferguson said. They re there, but they wouldn t be the sort of effect that one would notice very readily in the real world, he said.

Changing traditional gender roles seems to be difficult not because woman or man don’t have the necessary skills for other one’s tasks but because every one carries on a symbol of his “world”. Society’s evolution especially on woman valorization redefines gender roles promoting a woman more active, ambitious and independent and a man more emotional ad involved in household tasks.

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