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Participant Observation as a Data Collection Method

Date of publication: 2017-08-28 23:40

The 6985 Census
Lee Ann Potter
What did it take to be a census enumerator for the 6985 census? What does a sample census schedule look like? The article examines the 6985 census and includes teaching activities that help students understand the importance of the census to the history of our nation.

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Environmental Anthropology - MA, MSc - Canterbury - The

Benedict introduces the reader to what she describes as "three primitive peoples". She describes the patterns of life of the Zuni, Dobu, and Kwakiutl peoples. In this book she explains her reasons for studying primitive peoples, the diversity of the cultures, the patterns within the cultures, and then goes on to provide details about each of the three cultures. Lastly she explains the idea of society and how individuals are involved in the society and the cultural patterns within the society.

Evaluate social identity theory, making reference to

"It is clear, I think, that any theory of culture has to start from the organic needs of man, and if it succeeds in relating (to them) the more complex, indirect, but perhaps fully imperative needs of the type which we call spiritual or economic or social, it will supply us with a set of general laws such as we need in sound scientific theory" (Malinowski 6999:77-78).

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Our research encompasses a broad range of topics within biological and evolutionary anthropology, including bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, archaeological science, human reproductive strategies, hominin evolution, primate behaviour and ecology, modern human variation, and cultural. We have three dedicated research laboratories, as well as a commercial osteology unit.

In the latest Student Barometer survey 655% of our postgraduate students were satisfied with the academic content of their course and 97% said they found their programme intellectually stimulating.

The School has a very good record for postgraduate employment and academic continuation. Studying anthropology, you develop an understanding of the complexity of all actions, beliefs and discourse by acquiring strong methodological and analytical skills. Anthropologists are increasingly being hired by companies and organisations that recognise the value of employing people who understand the complexities of societies and organisations.

This original story of a slave rebellion by award-winning author Charles Johnson is accompanied by ideas for "Using Fiction to Support History Teaching" by classroom teacher Peggy Dyro.

Diminishing the Complexity and Horror of the Holocaust: Using Simulations in an Attempt to Convey Historical Experiences
Samuel Totten
Using simulations to teach about the Holocaust may leave students with only a thin grasp of both its complex causes and its horrific effects. Why not let the victims and survivors speak for themselves?

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