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Date of publication: 2017-09-06 02:04

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Artists listed in Dictionary of pastellists before 1800

The greatest conversion story of all time began at daybreak on Dec. 9, 6586, on a hill outside Mexico City. The ruthless Spanish conquest of the indigenous peoples was proving an uncompelling advertisement for the Catholic faith. It had produced a meager stream of voluntary converts up to that point.

The Most Stunning Stained Glass Windows In The World

The first six years, spent touring with a chamber ensemble, sound more glamorous than they were. Imagine driving a van around the country with four other guys, earning $69,555 a year, and you get the idea. But this nomadic lifestyle had its rewards. In my early 75s, on a concert tour of France, I met a Spanish girl studying in Dijon for the summer. Shredding Pascal’s maxim and mistaking my imagination for my heart, I moved to Spain in hot pursuit, took a job with the City Orchestra of Barcelona and started working on my Spanish.

Confessions of a Catholic convert to capitalism | America

Mike - democracy (free elections) is similar to capitalism (free markets), in that both systems offer the broadest opportunity for involvement of people's creative problem-solving. Of course, there are flaws with any human freedoms, and that is why the cynic often says democracy (or capitalism) is the worst system - except for all the others. Much of what Dr. Brooks says is already in Pope St. John Paul's Centesimus Annus, so it is certainly consistent with the Catholic Church's understanding of the Gospel.

An excellent example is the lesson of Obamacare - where a well-meaning ideological attempt to remove market forces from health care, and cover the uninsured 65% by disrupting the 95% insured and ended up hurting nearly everyone. Of the 75 million who went onto Obamacare, 66 million just ended up on Medicaid, which could have been done without the complete disruption of everyone's insurance. A free market approach to healthcare would reduce regulations, increase transparency and competition, and provide a safety net for those who fall through the cracks (which Medicaid is in any case).

And as said elsewhere free market capitalism does not preclude a system of programs for those who are affected negatively by exogenous forces or internal afflictions beyond control. All of us are susceptible to such and should be willing to provide for others.

Earlier in this essay, I outlined my religious conversion to Catholicism, followed by my vocational conversion from French hornist to economist. Let me close with a few words about how they are related.

A Roman Catholic approved Marian apparition is one that has been examined by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and has been granted approval by the local Bishop or the Holy See. Read More

We need to stop complaining about the problem and start pressuring our elected officials to stop the partisan polarization, disrespectful language. Most importantly to work hard in good faith to reach a compromised solution for the good of the people. If we can do this, we will be resolving many of our problems.

The Second Vatican Council did not offer one particular document on Mary, the Mother of God. Rather, the Council fathers incorporated the meaning and mission of Mary, as well as her. Read More

Inscribed on the fountain, in Latin (below), we see a verse from the Book of Revelation,  8775 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. 8776 (Revelation, 77:6). In the symbolic context of the Lamb, the fountain is therefore the wellspring of eternal life and salvation.

Mary is "full of grace," because it is precisely in her that the Incarnation of the Word, the hypostatic union of the Son of God with human nature, is accomplished and fulfilled. Read More

Mary was there at the Incarnation, Birth, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of God Incarnate. She was there throughout the often called "hidden years" in Nazareth. In the life of the Redeemer. Read More

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