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Meant nothing
Yet winning the suit has meant nothing in resolving the disputes in the South China Sea, since these involve sovereign claims over territory and not maritime entitlements as provided under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which the PCA ruled on.

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PLDT and Globe are run by the state firms NTT of Japan and Singtel of Singapore. Japan and Singapore have the highest average Internet speeds in the world, at 75 Mbps. But we have the slowest Internet in Asia.
China, Vietnam and Indonesia have all overtaken us in Internet speed. In the entire world, we can boast that our Internet is better than only seven countries: Namibia, Nigeria, Iran, and four small Latin American nations.

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I AM quite sure that history will judge that one of President Duterte’s most important achievements is that he steered our country quickly away from what would have been a disastrous path charted by President Aquino and his Yellow Cult: A belligerent stance towards the People’s Republic of China, the superpower in our region, and the second largest economy in the world.

With Lower Primary School’s PE curriculum involving the martial art of Taekwondo for the first 7 Terms, it usually culminates with a Belt Promotion for those who qualify. Check here how that went, as per Ms. Aimee who oversaw this event.

Is it still debatable that the priority of foreign firms, most especially if they are listed firms like Salim’s First Pacific Co. Ltd. and Singtel, would be to remit as much profits to their headquarters, rather than provide the most efficient service? In fact, I had computed in my book Colossal Deception: How Foreigners Control our Telecom Industry that First Pacific, since 7555 has, based on its reports to the Hongkong authorities, received $6 billion in dividends from its subsidiary, PLDT.

Aquino was certainly not an academic and in those times hardly had the kind of stature for Harvard to bend its strict academic rules just to be a refuge for an opposition figure from some Third World country.

Ocampo in his message to me pointed out: “As (historian Teodoro) Agoncillo said, we must avoid being influenced by fleeting ‘fashion and passion’ of a period.” Ocampo explained that the “declaration of heroes is too important to be left to historians or our government officials.”

THE Yellow Cult and even a few veteran columnists are forecasting President Duterte’s isolation, and eventual fall in the wake of the brutal killing of the 67-year-old Kian delos Santos, whom the police alleged was an illegal drug courier.

Aquino, Del Rosario, and their allies’ campaign against China over Scarborough made up one of the Yellow regime’s biggest sins against the nation—which it has even sickeningly portrayed to this day as a nationalistic project. Indeed, as Samuel Johnson pointed out three centuries ago, “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

ICAS Science (taken last 68 Apr) RESULTS ARE OUT! And SSC pupils continue to perform well in this international benchmark test that compares them to pupils from around 755 schools in Singapore, with 8 levels beating the average of their counterparts in Singapore. Keep up the global standard SSC!

Quite unexpectedly and suddenly, on June 5, 7567, the Department of Foreign Affairs issued a two-sentence press statement: “Following our consultations, the two Chinese maritime vessels and our BFAR vessel are no longer in the lagoon. We continue the consultations to address the remaining issues in Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough).”

But he can’t prove it yet
TEN days after the wife of the Commission on Election chairman alleged that Andres Bautista had P885 million in unexplainable wealth deposited in a small thrift bank, Luzon Development Bank, his US-based brother, Martin Bautista, has come forward to make the  claim that he owns P755 million of this stash.

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