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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 12:52

As always happens in the mining industry, the high demand led to massive investment. Three consortiums, led by Santos, Origin Energy and Shell, set about building massive gas liquefaction plants on the central Queensland coast to supply the Asian market and Japan in particular. They began drilling vast numbers of new wells to feed these plants.

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Next is the most common issue that is deforestation. Deforestation is a human influence because human have been cutting down trees to produce papers, wood, build houses or more. If human continuing deforestation, carbon dioxide will concentrate in the atmosphere because trees can absorb carbon dioxide from atmosphere. Besides, human also release carbon dioxide when breathe. Therefore the amounts of millions of people breath have release carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. If human continue deforestation, human breathing that release carbon dioxide will stay at the atmosphere.

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Teacher training has been taken up in a bigger way. National programme for teacher training is in place to augment the skills and improve the teaching pedagogy. Teacher remuneration is also being looked after keeping in mid the increase in the cost of living. Pecuniary benefits are likely to enhance the morale and motivate teachers to work extra hard.

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The system of competitive exams also has a bearing on the higher education. Since there is no way to determine the quality of the educational institute, national level competitive exams like NET, GATE etc for admission into research institute are conducted. Also employment in public sector pays very scant consideration to the academic achievements thereby decreasing the interest of the students in the academic courses, which becomes just another qualifying criterion for entering the jobs. Lack of consistency in placement strategy is also seen as a reason for lack of interest in education which increases the dependency on govt. sector jobs.

However despite these drawbacks our constitution makers preferred a democratic framework for precisely the reason that India has a huge diversity of culture, religion, language. They held that holding together such huge diversity by force would only lead to dissatisfaction and fragmentation of the country.

The nuclear energy is by far the most concentrated form of energy, so it can be produced in large quantities over short periods of time.

Present state
It is well known that only two Indian universities, IIT Mumbai and IIT Kharagpur, feature in the top 755 world universities, and none in top 655. An overwhelmingly large number of them are from the west. Hence, prior to any evaluation of our HES it must be kept in mind that India is developing nation which is scarce in resources and lags behind on several socio-economic parameters. All of this has a bearing on our HES.

More stress should be given to historical context because of which the very phrase 8766 Dalit Empowerment 8767 emanates. Systematic denial of education played a major role in making Dalits untouchables and social pariah for hundreds of years.

Consequences are showing sign today. Many pacific island have already submerged in water and many are waiting for their turn. Regular droughts, heat waves, malaria, dengue- each of this ill words are gaining fame in media every year.

Hi,pls someone help me to improve my used to get 7 in writing when i lost speaking and reading. Nowadays, i get only for writing while 8 for reading and listeningg and 7 for speaking..I am a bit wrote around 65 times since was well prepared..Please can anyone help me wth suggesions

First issue is industrial revolution. Industrial have been using fossil fuels for power machines. Everything that we use is involved in fossil fuel. For example, when we buy a mobile phone, the process of making mobile phone have involve machines and machines uses fossil fuels, during the process carbon dioxide is releasing to the atmosphere. Besides industrial, transportation such as cars is also releasing carbon dioxide from exhaust.

Again, Introduction is not proper. You can afford to write large introductions to a lengthy essay. In this introduction, you have not given the thesis statement which is very important. The entire essay talks about major weaknesses plaguing HES in India not a single statement can be found in the introduction.

The indiscriminate use of mineral resources has led to many other environmental problems. The ecosystem has been disturbed and the human beings being at the top of the food chain has given a scant thought about the deteriorating ecosystem. The accumulation of pesticides in the food chain has led to extinction of many species of birds. Anthropogenic activities like introduction of exotic species in a different habitat have eliminated many indigenous flora and fauna.
Farming of single species of rice etc has reduced diversity and has led to extinction of indigenous fauna and reduced capability to cope up with diseases and insects. These anthropogenic activities are leading to loss of biodiversity for our future generation.

Limited Mineral resources have also led to territorial conflict among nations. Colonisation was result of such greediness. World Wars have been fought over control of colonies and thus their resources. Conflict of interest due to monopoly of China over limited Rare Earth Resources is another example.

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