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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:28

But several discourses concerning a pretextual reality may be discovered.
Sontag suggests the use of the conceptual paradigm of discourse to deconstruct
class divisions.

The Review of Metaphysics

In the eyes of its author (as he avers in its Introduction), the real accomplishment of the  Tractatus was to have solved, or rather  dissolved , all the traditional problems of philosophy by showing that they were meaningless conundrums generated by a failure to understand the limits of meaningful discourse.

SparkNotes: Aristotle: Metaphysics

Frege’s focus on the formalization and symbolization of logic naturally led him into terrain that we would now classify as falling under the philosophy of language, and to approach certain philosophical problems as if they were problems about language, or at least as if they could be resolved by linguistic means. This has led some to see in Frege a linguistic turn similar to that perceivable in the early work of Moore and Russell (on this point, see the article on  Frege and Language ).


Dr. Terry Harpold was a screwy, passionate genius whom I sort of fell in love with. The breadth and intricacy of his thought were offset by a rigorous self-doubt that seemed at first to be affected but was actually in earnest. He once apologized because 8775 my German isn 8767 t what it could be 8776 before quibbling with the English translation of a Freud essay. He seemed to embody everything magical and erudite about the life of the academic postmodernist, which, at that time, was more or less what I wanted to be.

Moore’s great historical role consists in the fact that he has been perhaps the first philosopher to sense that any philosophical statement that violates ordinary language is false, and consistently to defend ordinary language against its philosophical violators. (Malcolm 6997, 868)

With the author himself apparently out of the picture, I decided to try and get some art-historical context for the book and its elusive author. I wrote to Arthur C. Danto, art critic for the Nation, and described the book to him. He was intrigued and invited me to his apartment. 8775 This is just astounding, 8776 he said when I took the book out of its special protective plastic grocery bag. 8775 I 8767 ve never come across anything like this at all. 8776 Then: 8775 Boy, you 8767 re gonna be lost for a while. 8776

The term mindfulness appeared in Contributions , but this is where Heidegger expands on it. He returns to familiar themes: truth, nothingness, enownment, ontological difference, art, the Greeks, Nietzsche, Spengler, and more, as well as commenting on his earlier texts. All are examined alongside mindfulness and some other themes that are here elaborated more fully: the withdrawal, the rupture and gathering, the dynamic inbetween, and the ab-ground (translated as abyss in other texts) that is not ground.

Though these developments give Russell’s work the appearance of a retreat from metaphysical realism, his conception of language and logic remains rooted in realist, metaphysical assumptions.

8775 Society is part of the absurdity of consciousness, 8776 says Baudrillard.
Therefore, Marx suggests the use of the dialectic paradigm of expression to
attack sexism. In Port of Saints , Burroughs denies postcultural
materialism in Nova Express , however, he deconstructs Lyotardist

The determination of what was designated in metaphysics as what is present [ da Anwesende ], the res , is [re]thought in the new interpretation of a thing (as presented in the lecture What Is a Thing? ) from [the background of] the disclosive appropriating Event. In this interpretation of a thing, presence as the [metaphysical] determination of being is abandoned.

While logical positivism was busy crumbling under the weight of self-referential incoherence, a larger problem was brewing for ideal-language philosophy in general. After publishing the  Tractatus , Wittgenstein retired from philosophy and went to teach grade-school in the Austrian countryside. Why wouldn’t he leave academia—after all, he believed he had already lain to rest all the traditional problems of philosophy!

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