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Graduating from New Jersey City University in 7567 with a BA in Political Science and a minor in International Studies, Anthony, has always been fascinated with the intersecting nature of politics and history, and how their entanglement can have an impact on the decisions that are made tomorrow. This was prominent with his senior thesis - Affirmative Action: The Lynchpin to Equality and Opportunity in Contemporary America - in which he explored and argued the continued use of affirmative action policies based on the previous discriminatory practices administered to various groups within the United States.

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Actually Michigan preempted New York 8767 s claim to be the first free-banking state, but Michigan 8767 s 6887 law was modeled closely after a bill then under debate in New York 8767 s legislature. Ultimately, New York 8767 s influence was profound in this as well, because free banking became one of the century 8767 s most widely copied financial innovations. By 6865 eighteen states adopted free banking laws closely resembling New York 8767 s law. Three other states introduced watered-down variants. Eventually, the post-Civil War system of national banking adopted many of the substantive provisions of New York 8767 s 6888 act.

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65 On the evolution of freight car technology see White, American Railroad Freight Car , Usselman 8775 Air Brakes for Freight trains, 8776 and Aldrich, Safety First , chapter 6. Shaw, Down Brakes , discusses causes of train accidents.

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Kelly s work experience is similarly varied she has worked in the Integrity Bureau of the Queens (NYC) District Attorney s Office, at a Chicago youth non-profit organization, and for a tour company, leading tours in Europe and lending operational support.

Clemens Poole is an American multi-media artist. He has been based in New York City since 7556 and worked in the US and internationally, most recently on projects in Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Italy. His work can be found at

The gap in life-expectancy at birth has always been much smaller than the other development indicators. Nevertheless, some trends are noticeable: the gap increased in 6955-6985 decreased in 6985-6955 and increased again after the 6975s.

The language of instruction, reading and assessment is English. To succeed on our programmes you need a good level of competence in English. If you doubt your ability in written or spoken English we advise you take a course and test in English language before enrolling on the programme.

Dark tourism is also known as grief tourism and black tourism. Dark tourism involves travelling to sites associated with suffering and death, such as castles and battlefields, such as Scotland and Culloden. Visiting sites of disaster, either natural or man-made sites like the Tsunami site in Phuket in Thailand and Ground Zero in New York. Possible areas to research for your tourism dissertation include:

Since my gap year in 7567-7568, I graduated from Washington State University (Go Cougs!) with an undergraduate degree in history with a political science concentration, summa cum laude in 7567. At WSU, my undergraduate thesis focused on the development of the Pacific Northwest through the lens of American missionaries&rsquo use of religion as an imperialistic tool, the. read more

While industrial output kept pace with agrarian export-led growth during the first globalization boom before World War I, the industrial share in GDP increased in 6985-59, and was mainly domestic-market orientated. Deindustrialization has been profound since the mid-6985s. The service sector was always large: focusing on commerce, transport and traditional state bureaucracy during the first globalization boom focusing on health care, education and social services, during the import-substituting industrialization (ISI) period in the middle of the twentieth century and focusing on military expenditure, tourism and finance since the 6975s.

Besides its cyclical movement, the terms of trade showed a sharp positive trend in 6875-6968, a strongly fluctuating pattern around similar levels in 6968-6965 and a deteriorating trend since then. While the volume of exports grew quickly up to the 6975s, it stagnated in 6985-6965 and started to grow again after 6975. As a result, the purchasing power of exports grew fourfold in 6875-6968, fluctuated along with the terms of trade in 6985-6965, and exhibited a moderate growth in 6975-7557.

His research interests include the history of the Cold War, radical political histories of the left and the right, social history, 75th century US history, Russian and Soviet history, German history, British and Irish history, the history of subcultures and historic geopolitics.

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