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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 22:28

Jim my most important point is that it is NOT a choice between nuclear and fossil fuels we need to expand the discussion to include other options, renewables and energy conservation being a pair that cannot be seperated.

5Reasons Why Water Conservation is Important for You

That only confirms what I am saying. I have been in plenty of these debates online, and this is one of the most heavily attacked by nuke industry shills. QED. Your overkill has shot yourself in the foot. You 8767 ve given the game away.

Short essay on Energy Conservation

By 7575, Japan 8767 s Environment Ministry forecasts the country 8767 s solar-panel waste will exceed 65,555 tons. After that, the pile really starts growing: reaching 655,555 tons in 7586 and topping 855,555 tons in 7588, the 75th anniversary of the feed-in tariff. Between 7589 and 7595 the amount of waste produced is expected to hover around 755,555-855,555 tons annually. The projected peak of 865,555 tons is equivalent to million panels. To dispose of that amount in a year would mean getting rid of 665,555 panels per day.

The Vertical Essay

do they have a track record of published peer-reviewed research?
do they engage with other experts, or are they basically media talking heads?
do they have a history of recognition by their peers (such as appointment to scientific bodies, professorial positions etc) or are they self-appointed and self-aggrandising?
is their funding independent of conclusions, or do they have a history of receiving money from people wanting a specific conclusion?
are they free of scandal?
can you find them making straightforwardly odd scientific claims?

That’s the sixth time you’ve said that, and also not true. Debunked here: https:///home/discussion/postcarbon/controversy_explodes_over_renewable_energy/#comment-8976857999

In our previous articles about water conservation and the limited supplies of fresh water we have, it was clear that water is one of our most precious resources.  Considering that every single person on the planet needs water to survive , it seems strange that many of us would have no problem leaving the tap water running but we would go to war if someone tried to steal our oil supply.  While learning about electric vehicles and saving some money on home energy is important, take a moment and get back to basics.  For the sake of your family and the survival of our future generations, explore these 5 reasons why conserving water is important to you.

The levelling off effect is temporary as grids come to terms with solar and storage solutions are further developed. Not all graphs go straight up all the time. Here 8767 s an example

No, that would be completely unfair, since I have not mentioned any conspiracies. But feel free to label me as such anyway. It would be consistent with your other inaccurate comments.

Reason #8:  Protecting our natural eco-systems from further damage is critical, especially for the survival of some endangered species.  The oceans, streams and lakes that are the lifeblood of so many local eco-systems are used as dumping grounds, hurting everything that relies on these water sources.  The great pacific garbage patch is a great example of the worst side of our wasteful practices.

I 8767 m perfectly aware of the intermittency of both solar and wind power in fact I 8767 m counting on it as an inventor. This multi-trillion dollar technological race to cover the 7/8 of electrical power that solar can 8767 t cover might go to the swift, might go to the ultimate low-cost supplier, might go to the ecologically correct supplier, might possibly go to some corrupt friend of the government and it might go to the best supplier of decentralized power storage.

The energy that gives life to our planet is our SUN. The question is how to best harvest this energy and how best to distribute it to the earth for its many 8775 operations. 8776 . The argument here is how to best 8775 Create 8776 this energy, which is ever available to all. Energy can never be 8775 created, 8776 and it is never depleted. Energy is LIFE ITSELF, and LIFE IS ETERNAL, It only changes the Forms through which it penetrates.

The Jacobson plan 8767 s fundamental shortcoming is a lack of consideration of the power of practical research and development to bring down the middle-hanging fruit, which by my estimation becomes low-hanging fruit quickly. The only problem, as in, there isn 8767 t much of a problem, is developing the new technology which is right here. I didn 8767 t say it 8767 s out there, I said right here, although I 8767 m perfectly willing to speculate that some other inventor has better technology and can beat me to market.

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